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Whether it’s a simple one-camera shoot or a full-blown production, Ava Grace Productions makes videos for all kinds of events, with all kinds of coverage. We film it all—corporate or private events, live productions, music performances—you name it. We can edit full length coverage, live stream events with multiple cameras, or create highlight reels for future promotions. Your vision is the limit.

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At Ava Grace Productions we love the energy of shooting live events, the buzz of a group of people together is something really special. Our production team will focus on capturing the essence of your event so that you and your guests can relive the experience.

Event video production can be a valuable asset in promoting your events across social media and your website. In just a few seconds of video, you can say everything you need to, and capture the attention of the audience in a way that written content just can’t compete with.

If you don’t know where to start, Ava Grace Productions can walk you through the process. With a decade of experience working with small businesses and major brands, we know that keeping it simple is the secret to creating compelling video content. We can guide you so that you feel confident, without adding pressures of scripts, time restraints and pressure to capture the authenticity of your important event, leaving you with an event video production that is compelling and impactful.

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