FAQs - Ava Grace Productions


How long will it take to make my video?
While it all depends on the content you are looking to create, most projects usually take around 1 day of planning (Pre Production), 1 day of shooting (Production), and 1-2 days of editing (Post Production). You can expect your first draft within two weeks from the shoot date, and then a further week after that for revisions and final delivery.
How involved will I need to be in the project?

Not much at all. We try to make the process as as easy as possible for you by really taking the reigns. The part we’ll need you for most is the planning phase (Pre Production phase), which could be anything from a 30-minute phone call, to a full day of planning, depending on the complexity of the project. This gives us a chance to understand your brand and message, and helps us establish exactly what you are trying to say to your audience.

After that, you may be involved in the shoot day (Production), either if you are going to be on camera, or if you need to organise areas of your business or products for the shoot etc. But don’t worry! We’ll guide you every step of the way, letting you know exactly what we need in the planning phase so the job is very simple for you.

The final stage you will be involved in is Post Production—this is where you’ll simply comment on the first draft, and let us know any revisions you might require.
Our main focus is to take most of the work out of your hands so the process is as easy as possible for you, and you can just enjoy the amazing finished product.

I’m nervous about appearing on video, what can I do to prepare?

All you need to do is relax! Most of the people we work with feel nervous about being on camera—it’s completely normal. But it usually wears away pretty quickly once we getting chatting. We’re pretty warm, friendly, low-key people, who’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed as we guide you through the process. You may see other videos where everyone seems to be a world-class speaker, but remember: most of the time, those videos are all heavily edited!

What matters most to us seeing your personality, which is what communicates the best to your customers. So a big part of our filming process is just spending time with you, making you feel safe and comfortable. It’s amazing how quickly the most nervous people can feel relaxed and confident with the process, even if they have been up all the night before worrying about it. The most common response we get from our clients is, ‘Wow, that was actually pretty easy!’.

Will I be able to see how the video is coming together before it’s completed?
Absolutely. After filming, you will be sent a first draft of the video, so you can make revisions and changes. Each video has 1 round of revisions built into the cost, and further revisions are available for additional cost. We are proud that most of our clients are usually really happy with the result straight away, with only occasional requests for minor changes after that.
How much will my video cost?
Every project is different, but we can give you an estimate based on our first phone consultation, which is free. We work at a day rate for shooting and editing, so after our consultation, we can determine how long the process will take for your particular video. You will be guided along the whole process, and there will never be any surprise costs that you haven’t agreed to beforehand.
What’s the next step?
Once you’re ready to get started—or even if you just have a vague idea of the video you’d like to create—give us a call, or send us an email. We can discuss your concept, and give you a quote within 1 business day. No mess, no fuss!